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Omaha Zoo

               This last month on April 13th the whole school went to the Omaha Zoo.  We want to thank everyone who supported the school by participating in the fundraisers all year.  We earned enough money to pay the students way into the zoo, lunch, a gift from the gift shop, and dinner at Texas Road House.  We left the school at 6am and returned at 10:30 pm, so it was a very long day.  When we got to the zoo we first went to the Desert Dome and went down stairs to the cave and swamp.  The students loved this area of the zoo.  They got to see stalagmites, stalactites, cave dwelling animals, and swamp animals.  Many of the students said this was their favorite area. 

               When we left the swamp we went to the Tree Top Café for lunch and enjoyed sitting by the windows and watching the Rainforest animals while we ate.  We then went through the Rainforest and got to feel what the temperature is like in that area of the world, because it was pretty warm and muggy in there.  The students were very surprised to see all the bats flying around and not in a cage. 

               We then explored the zoo more and went to the giraffe house, elephant house, and ape house.  It was really interesting seeing where the animals stay while they are in their barn.  Last time we went to the zoo this part was not open.  Due to the time of the year there were a lot of animals not on exhibit yet, but the animals we did see were wonderful.  In the ape house one of the gorillas had a brand new baby that just came out of the nursery and was on display.  The kids stayed there watching the new mom and baby for a while. 

               Toward the end of the day the students were starting to get tired so we went on a shuttle ride around the zoo.  It was nice to sit for a while and see the animals.  When we were done with the shuttle ride we went into the aquarium and got to see the penguins and fish.  The students loved all the areas to explore in here.  The last place we visited while at the zoo was the Butterfly House and Bug House.  We saw so many beautiful butterflies and the kids tried to stand still to see if they would land on them. 

               Before we left the zoo to go to dinner we stopped by the gift shop and bought the students all a souvenir.  Some students bought a stuffed animal where others bought shirts.  They got to pick anything they wanted under a certain value.   At dinner the students had a great time talking and having fun.  We were able  to order anything on the menu they wanted as well as a dessert.  The whole experience was wonderful and everyone had a great time.