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Special note from a parent

As Teresa McKown was looking at social media this the morning of December 4th, a friend, who is an alumni from Missouri City School, shared this article with her. It touched hearts everywhere.


‎Sami Jean‎ to Ray County News & Events


Not sure if Missouri City is in Ray Co. or not... but close enough (; and thought I would share this heartwarming story.

Tonight I got to be privileged to witness something that makes me proud to be from small town America.

Our school, Cowgill Elementary, hosted the pee-wee basketball game tonight. The first game was against Missouri City and Mirable girls. It was the 4th quarter and Mirable was up at least 20.

Missouri City has this little 2nd grader named Tim (Tiny Tim). He is a go getter! He is tiny, his uniform is huge, but he does his VERY BEST. Well he got fouled and was allowed 2 free throw shots. The referee had him step up about 5 ft in front of the free throw line, the crowd cheered! Mind you there were 3 different teams there. Tim took his first shot and barely missed. Tim took his second shot, missed again. The crowd cheered for his efforts. Then the ref let him keep shooting until he made his basket. Finally on his 5th shot, SWOOSH, he made his basket and the stands erupted. People and kids from all three teams cheering for Tiny Tim. The Mirable girls were so excited for him . Now granted his 1 point may not have done much to help his team win. But it did SO much to help the whole community grow and come together. At that moment all competitiveness fell silent, it was truly just about kids having fun and supporting someone different than them. I was so proud to watch those kids. I know that he will carry that memory with him forever, as will I. I couldn't hold back my 'proud momma' tears as I watched him bask in his glory, and he isn't even my kid!!

Great job teams for being such great sports!!

Great job parents for teaching your kids compassion. Great job Refs and Coaches for letting him keep trying and not giving up until he got his goal.

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