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A couple years ago the 3-8 classes went on a huge end of the year field trip to the Omaha Zoo. This year we are going to go again!!!! We will have this field trip include the whole school k-8. We will be doing many different fundraisers throughout the year in order to pay for this. We will need to make money for the bus, gas, entrance into the zoo, and food for the students while we are there. Last time we made enough money to take . . .

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A Little History of Missouri City School

Missouri City School District is a small K-8 school district in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.  It is the smallest school district in Missouri, and was established in 1854. Over the years the school has survived the periodic consolidation movements due to the devotion  of the local populace who are committed to having their own neighborhood school with high expectations for each child. After 8th grade the students go to High . . .

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